Monday, 21 August 2006

Part 1: Nordic Deep 16.-20. August 2006

I was driving down to Lysekil on Monday 14. August, all the way from Gjøvik. The driving itself was okey, but I must admit I had some problems finding the big white house called Lysestrand. It took me several trips up and down and around, maybe doe to few directions from a very busy Sebastian and my own orientation knowledge, but I finally made it.

More people arrived the next day and the fun started. Weather was nice, the fjord and the ocean were just beautiful and we had a good training, checking weights and testing the strength in cnf.

Wednesday was the first day of the competition, and like the following days it started with a yoga session in the morning. I was competing in constant weight without fins for the first time and had announced 25m, which went fine. I got a white card and a new national record:)

Sebastian’s mother, Mia, had come to cook healthy vegetarian food for us freedivers, both breakfast and dinner. It was just fantastic to come back from long day of competing and diving to a warm, delicious meal. Big thanks to Mia! And of course another thanks to Sebastian and his little helpers (Hanli, Annelie, Rahel, Emil and several others) for making competing being smooth and fun.