Monday, 15 September 2008

A new way to enjoy the sea

Martin is in Århus visiting me, and yesterday we had a wonderful day out SAILING! One of the sailing clubs here had arranged an intro-trip and we spent some hours enjoying the sun and the sea. I hope to do more of this. Look who's stearing the boat!!!

Back to freediving: Training has been going well. This week I've been in the water on monday, wednesday and sunday. The static training is already showing some progress, as my contractions are finally coming closer to 3 min than to 2... I have been training with the new suit on, and it's feeling quite good. I'm working my way up from 4 min towards 5 min, and I still have two more weeks to push the times furter...

In dynamic, I have managed to decrease the number of kicks (per 25m) from 9 to 8, but I'm still quite slow. I know I can hold my breath for a while, so I'm not too worried. It's most important to get my mind and my legs used to the long dives.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Denmark vs. Egypt

Unfortunatly, I'm stuck in Denmark at the moment, while many of the worlds freedivers are diving and competing in the 7th Team World Championship in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt. All I can do at the moment is follow the results and gossip from Deeperblue and cross my fingers for all my friends down there. Go Denmark! Go Brazil, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, Czech Republic etc. etc.! I really wish I could be there and share the experience, but there will be more world championships to come. Good luck to everybody :)

I've got started on my second year at university and so far it's been nice and easy. I hope to be able to alot of freediving this year too. At the moment I'm working on getting in shape for another pool competition, the Europe Evolution Cup in Italy in october. Monday and Wednesday I did some static sessions and a few dynamic dives working on technique. Today I had a pure swimming workout, and on Sunday I'll be back in the water for a longer DYN dive.

The focus on my training at the moment is: CO2 tolerance (coping with contractions and prolonging the "easy faze"), leg strength and mental strength (getting my mind around the long dives again).