Monday, 11 December 2006

154m dyn NR! Finally passed the 150m mark...

Finally I've made it, touching the wall at 150m and turn... I did do a 150m in Nordic Deep this summer, but forgot my noseclip and therefor still no long dive in the ranking...

I'm also quite happy that I managed to perform well in the freezing water of the egyptian pool (not heated...). My legs got completely numb and lactic in the end, so I used my arms to move forward, but as long as my head is clear at surfacing everything is ok.

This was my first world championship and therefor it was quite a surprice to me when nobody but Natalia Molchanova beat me in this diciplin! I was 2. on the dyn result list for the women... How amazing it is to actually feel like I belong here, along with the other big names. I still feel small, but also proud of what I'm capable of doing. Guess I'll keep training!

Sunday, 10 December 2006

6'15 in STA, 3. best among the women!

My official top was quite early in the morning, so I skipped breakfast and did some yoga before getting my suit on. Carol was coaching me, like on my training dives, and she realized already during my warm up that things were working very good today. I did two warm ups, one with 30 sec of contractions and one with 60 sec. The last dive took more than 4 min, which means I got my contractions after 3! This is about 30 sec better than usual, and it was the same on the big dive as well...

Some statics are completely filled with thoughts, like "how long has it been now?" or "will I be able to do this for another 3 min?". This is not nice and you're fighting through most of the dive. But on some rare occasions, you manage to drift away. Really far away, not noticing the fact that you're holding your breath in a swimming pool with lot's of people watching. This time it happened for me, and my mind took me on a trip, to Dahab, to the blue hole, to nice and calm places.

When the fighting started, I let it happen. I had contractions, no doubt, but I was able to manage them and most importantly manage my focus and motivation. Alot of this is thanks to wonderful Carol, which kept telling me "you are so strong, you can do this" I believed her! In the end, I started noticing those small signs that tell you to be carefull, and I came up with a clean SP and got the white card. I hadn't really caught the times that Carol had been telling me and got a HUGE surprise when she told me I had passed 6 min, doing 6'15! (To put this number in perspective: the pb before this one was 5.50, and done just a few days ago. And before that again, I had done 5.30... So it was a jump of 45 sec!!!).
The rest of the day I was walking around with a big smile, which grew even bigger when the day was over and I had done the 3. longest static among the women...

Friday, 8 December 2006

55m CWT new national record!

I had a wonderful dive to the depth of 55m, which is both a personal best and a national record. My legs worked fine, the mouthfill didn't run out untill the moment I hit the bottom plate and I did a clean, strong SP. All in all I'm very very happy:)

Friday, 1 December 2006

Team UN

I was very fortunate to get invited by Martin Stepanek to join some other freedivers for depth training before the world championship in Hurghada. We were people from all around the world, Japan, Canada, USA, Czech Republic, Brasil,
New Zealand and Norway, and there was a really family feeling to it.

Thanks to Honsa and rest of the crew at Lighthouse Divecenter, as well as the Sahara Hotel, we had wonderful training facilities. The usual day started very early with a light breakfast, followed by some yoga and stretching before we packed the gear and headed out with the boat.

The weather was varied with both nice days and some choppy sea. We also had one day being shipwrecked even before training, but that's a whole story...

The pools of the hotel wasn't heated and therefor very cold (december isn't that hot, even in Egypt...). Static in the ocean was a new challenge, but kind of nice:)

I would love to go back to more of this kind of events, as you learn so incredibly much from training side by side with some of the worlds best freedivers. Thank you guys!