Monday, 1 October 2007

Copenhagen Open, 29.-30. September

So, another competition over and back home again. The results were pretty crappy, mostly due to some overtraining beforehand, but still it was fun.

It was nice meeting up with the copenhagen guys again and also some people from abroad ( two lovely finish girls, Igor and Peter Bovie). The organizing was very well handled and the pool was nice, so hopefully Eva will make another Copenhagen Open next year. With a little more people competing, I think it can be even better. I'll start the advertisement right away... Anybody interested? :P

Martin and I even got to do a little sightseeing because of a nice late schedual on sunday. Where we went? To see the little mermaid of course!

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  1. Copenhagen ligger jo ikke så langt under... Skal senere høre litt rund i klubben om folk er interessiert! Jeg kan godt tenke meg en tur ditt i 2008.