Friday, 25 January 2008

New: Now in Norwegian

I've been asked to start the blogging section of the Norwegian diving webpage Dykkesiden and I was happy to do so. The first two posts are up and I will keep writing there as well as on this blog, featuring both similar and different subjects. Of course all scandinavian speaking are very welcome to take a look and also let me know what you think :) Check it out here.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Plans for 2008

After last years very good progress in the pool disiplins, I now wish to prioritate developing in the depth disiplins, especially constant weight with fins. I will keep up the pool training and attend a few pool competitions, but try to schedual as much time in open water as possible. After all, that's definatly the best part of freediving!

So far, my competition/travelling calendar looks like this:

  • 23rd of February, German Championship, Berlin, pool competition
  • 7th-20th of April, Bizzy Blue Hole, Dahab, Egypt, depth training + competition
  • 1st-4th of May, Hemmoor, Germany, depth training
  • 13th-14th of June, Aarhus Triple Challenge, Denmark, pool competition
  • 27th-29th of June, Apnea Happening, Hemmoor, Germany, depth training
  • 18th-20th of July, German Championship, Wildschütz, depth competition
  • 16th -24th of August, Nordic Deep, Lysekil, Sweeden, depth and pool competition
The dates for the AIDA Team World Championship of the year is not ready yet, and neither is it decided where it will be. I'm hoping it will fit my exam schedual, because then I'm going!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

My freediving club

Aarhus freediving club is a very friendly and social club with room enough for a wide range of members. There's new guys, old guys, small kids, older kids, people doing it only for fun as well as world class athletes. The "club house", the sauna, is starting to become too small because of many new people getting started. The freediving scene is growing, but it's still important to keep the open, warm atmosphere:)

Check out this movie made by AFK freediver Lars Strandridder, showing our club house, the pool and some of the people having fun FREEDIVING!

Friday, 4 January 2008

Three freediving moments from 2007

Here's some of my best freediving memories from 2007:

Freediving through the Canyon in Dahab, Egypt. This is a video of Peter Pedersen, not me, but it shows some of the beauty of the place. I was there in the easter and I'm aching to go back this year. Read more from the trip here.

Before the world championship in Slovenia, I travelled to Croatia for some freediving. One of the best days was on the wreck Baron Gautch, which you see a picture from above. I was also diving through some tunnels there and having a great time!
You can see some videos here or read some more about the diving here.

One of the things I will not forget, is how it felt comming up after 174m in the dynamic finals in Slovenia. To win a silver medal in a world championship was one of the biggest experiences in 2007. Here's the video of the finals.