Wednesday, 22 August 2007

First day at Uni!

Waking up early again after a long summer break wasn't really pleasant, but I survived with the help of some hot coffee. I'd already had some problems getting around to the right places in Århus as I don't really know the town yet, but now I had a big university campus to cope with too! And the worst part is not the high amout of different buildings, but that they all look the same with their yellow brick stones and green surroundings.

It was a long day with welcome speeches, campus tour, buying books and learning the names of my fellow class mates. There's certainly a different feeling to this, but I really like the fact that I'm finally a student. And I must admit I even look forward to the first lectures after looking through one of the books I bought about human physiology. It's interesting! And for those of you who don't know (or don't remember the difficult name), I'm studying Molecular medicin.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Life in Århus

Breakfast can be tricky without a sufficiant number of seats. Cardboard boxes may work, or they may make you fall over a few times...

Anyway, the coffee tastes extra good in a new home and you don't mind having towel curtains for the first week or so.

With some good help from Martin, I also got to put up a lamp. Total costs: 85 DKK, inclueding light bulb. Thank God for Ikea!

Monday, 20 August 2007

1. place Nordic Deep -07!

This years biggest freediving event in Scandinavia (and maybe even Europe?) is over now, and I'm already looking forward to next time. Organizer Sebastian was working hard along with his crew, and with a little help from the athletes as well, it really worked well:) At least I had a lot of fun, a good time and some nice diving.

After some bad training days where most things felt wrong for me and two competitiondays without much to speak of, I had one wonderful day Saturday where everything fell into place. In the morning I made a very easy and comfortable CWT dive to 54m. I really felt good, even at the bottom place getting the tag!

Then in the evening I competed in both DYN and STA since I wanted to collect some more points for the overall ranking. Swimming side by side with Eva, my competition instincts kicked in a little and I made myself keep swimming. After 150m I came up feeling very strong and happy, but didn't take it all out because of the next day.

Even the static worked better this day and after the dynamic, I jumped in my suit again and did 5:08 (without my usual warm up).

Sunday was the very last competition day and my last attempt of a deep dive. After the succesful dive yesterday, I had annouced a new PB with 57m. The weather was nice and the ocean flat, but my body was tired after the long week. I also had a bad tension and some pain in my shoulder and neck, so didn't have much fun getting ready. I went down, but at about 45m depth, I had some "no good" feelings and the urge to turn. Which I did at 50m. The dive was clean, yellow card for those 7m, but I was happy enough:)

In the end I realized I had actually gathered all my points during only one day! And it was enough to give me the among the women, just like last year. I'm very satisfyed with that result and also happy with my cool diploma (no, it's not a cow fish, it's an orca...).

Results are finally up:

And a report:

Monday, 6 August 2007

Training weekend in Hemmoor 3.-5. august

It was just wonderful to be able to take my wetsuit and monofin and travel to the lake in Hemmoor, Germany, for some training towards Nordic Deep. We dipped in the water already friday night, and twice on saturday and sunday.
Here's Johannes, me and Martin after a nice session.

The lake is simply a playground, with a sailboat, truck, plane and underwater forest. The water has a beautiful green blueish color and the visibility is very good.
There is also a dive platform with lines and counterballast system, everything you need to do a real training. I had a few nice dives around 40-46m, but I did feel it had been a while since last time I did deep diving (easter...).
The weather was great with sun and blue sky, and we made a wonderful barbeque after all the diving.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Moving in

The big trip to the flat land of Denmark went from Gjøvik to Larvik by car, then the ferry over to Hirtshals and finally arriving in Århus around noon 2.august.

I must admit I did not manage to pack light this time either, so we had the car all filled up and the hanger too (is that the right word?).

Unfortunatly, my wonderful new bed was just an inch too big to fit into the elevator, and my dad and I had to carry it up to fifth floor... Well, some more strair exercise?

After some cleaning, it was time for the thing I had been looking forward the most: getting the furniture up and all my stuff to it's place! Stick around for the "finished!" pictures.