Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Training monofinning and ice diving

Lately I've been playing around with a new style for the monofin technique. It's a version of the "kick and glide", with 2 and a half kicks, then gliding. It now takes me 44sec instead of the 52sec from when I was using continous kicks. I also use the glide faze to completely relax, even the legs, which I feel is helping me save some energy.

We also did a little training session to prepare for the upcomming Oslo Ice Challenge:

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Press release: Oslo Ice Challenge

When: 7.-8. March 2009

Where: Lutvann (outside of Oslo), Norway

What: Freediving competition in the deep diving disciplines

Picture: Steinar Schjager

The frozen lake “Lutvann” just outside of Oslo will be the location of the first freediving competition in Norway, Oslo Ice Challenge. It will be an AIDA competition with ranking, which makes it the first internationally recognized freediving competition under ice. This special challenge will add a new aspect to the sport and give the competitors an experience to remember.

The ice provides extra challenges for both competitors and organizers, but also some advantages. The diving response, which allows freedivers to save oxygen, becomes much stronger in cold water. The ice will work as a platform for both judges and audience to view the performances close up, making it much more interesting to follow the competition. And most importantly, the ice creates a very special atmosphere under water, giving the diving a whole different dimension.

Picture: Domagoj Jakovak

Oslo Ice Challenge will gather freedivers ranging between local divers from Oslo Freediving Club to World Champions and World Record holders. The participants will have the chance to compete twice on Saturday 7th and once on Sunday 8th in their chosen discipline. Following a point system which levels the disciplines, the winner will be the freediver with the most points from a single dive. The maximum number of participants is set to 20, and there are still some spots left. There will also be a special static competition for the really hard core freedivers. They will compete in holding their breath in the cold water, and dry suits are not allowed.

The competition will be filmed and photographed by a couple of underwater photographers, among them Dan Burton.

Press contact: Elisabeth Kristoffersen,

Organizer: Steinar Schjager,

Official webpage:

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Coupe des Dauphins 24.-25. January

Right after my last exam, I travelled together with Martin to Switzerland and to the beautiful city of Geneva for the first time. I was going to compete in the pool competition "Coupe des Dauphins" and Martin judge. We were really lucky to get to stay at the appartment of Christian Maldame, who's not only the team freediving world champion for 2008 (French team), but also a very nice guy! Jarmila Slovencikova from Czech Republic was also staying there, and the four of us had a great time, especially after the competition.

Picture: Wikipedia

I had signed up for the competition maybe mostly for the trip itself, and also to have an easy nice start of the competition year 2009. In DNF on saturday I did a very easy 83m dive. I was very happy to see that I can still do something, even without any training or the perfect shape (I had been sick only a week before). I must have overdone the lung strecthing this day though, because the next day I had pain and discomfort on the right side of the ribcage. I went into the water for the other diciplins, static and dynamic, but it didn't work at all to hold a full breath or having contractions. Well well, next time!

The competition saw some nice performances. Ilka Michaelis did a new national record for Germany with 99m. Both Jarmila and Christian made three good performances and won the overall ranking for the women and men respectivly. All the nice freediviers, the well-running organisation and the good pool made the competition a very pleasant one. I'd love to come back next year...

On monday after the competition, we had maybe the best time of the whole trip. Christian took us to a sauna/bath at the harbour of Geneva. Him and Jarmila got to do some freediving in the lake, cruising through and even under the big fountain! I stayed out because of the ribs, but will sure try this next time.

After spending several hours in the sauna, the turkish bath, the hammam and a dip in the lake (4-5 degrees!), we had a good lunch and headed back to catch the plain home. It was a really great experience and big thanks to our host, Christian!