Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Pictures from Aarhus

The result list, some info about the shark event and pictures can be found on http://www.aarhustriplechallenge.dk/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/aarhustriplechallenge.

Monday, 18 June 2007

Aarhus Triple Challenge 2007

One year had passed since I attended my first freediving competition, which was also in Århus. Going back there this time, there were quite a few expectations to meet. It was my first pool competition with the new monofin and the last rehearsal before the WCh. So, according to Murphy’s law, something had to go askew.

I missed the first day of the competition since I had my last exam that Friday, but straight after that was done, I went to catch the plain. Finally I made it to Copenhagen after a 1,5 hours delay, which meant I had to take a later train, arriving in Århus at 1 o’clock in the night! Then Peter, who was supposed to meet me, had went home to Randers. In the end it was the saving angel Kurt (organizer of the competition) who picked me up and got me a place to crash for the night.

Saturday I did a 4 min static and a 100m dynamic with fins, but much more important (and much more fun) was diving with sharks at Kattegatcenteret. It’s hard to explain the feeling of freediving/playing around in this HUGE aquarium with fish, stingrays and small sharks, and even look out on the people! I went into the water in my suit first, since the water was only 15 degrees. But Anneli didn’t have her suit and she managed, so I decided to give it a try.

With the freezing water that almost took my breath away, I really felt I was freediving. Gliding effortlessly around with the sharks and feeling my pulse drop down… Next time I wanna jump in with the BIG ones!

Sunday gave me at least one ok dive, but also a lesson to take home. With some nice coaching by Yamina, I managed a 5.33 in STA, which was enough to satisfy me for this time. For the dynamic, I looked at Peter doing his 214m, Yamina doing her 149m and really imagining myself doing a long dive as well, at least touching 150m. When the countdown started, I felt myself being straight down nervous, for the first time.

So of course my mind played a trick on me, convincing me that there was no way I could go all the way. Just before the turn at 50m I got my contractions (pretty much like normal), and I just gave up. I came up so disappointed, not caring to do any SP or anything and feeling like a complete failure.

This was my first overall bad competition without any PBs, national records or other things to feel good about. But when thinking about it, this was bound to happen sooner or later. So I’ve chosen to make this a lesson for the future, not set up the expectations and a fixed goal, but doing what I do because I love it. After all, the reason why I do freediving competitions is because I like to challenge myself and the limits. Then there’s no giving up…

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Murky Mjøsa

So diving at home is possible and it is fun, after all!

For the first time ever since I started freediving, I have actually been diving (not just dipping) in the lake that is right next door, in Mjøsa. It is the largest lake in Norway and my home town Gjøvik is located at its shore.

Now, if you are diving with a freediver who is as crazy about that element as you are, the water can be really mirky and really scary, but you will dive and finde the bottom! And so we did. I must admid, without that little flash light on mymask, I would not have dared it but now my new personal home diving CWT record is: -26m!!!

And it is dark down there... ;)

A fish tank in Mjøsa

What do you do if you are a tv reporter planning to intervju a freediver? You would want to get some cool video, but what if you don't have an underwater camera and camera man (also called Diver)... Well, then you go to the closest Pet Shop and ask to borrow a huge aquarium.

This was actually the case when the local tv station wanted to make a report about me 26.july -06, shot in the local lake of Mjøsa.

So they had me talking, putting on my gear and swim around a little for the camera. But what don't you do for the sport, right? Was fun with the aquarium though :)