Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Norwegian championship of freediving

AIDA Norway and Oslo Freediving Club(OFK) held the first ever national championship in freediving 18th October in Askim. With 12 competitors, among them both new and old freedivers, the competition saw lot's of white cards and even a national record in STA (Bjarte Nygard).

Big thanks to everybody from OFK for organizing, safetying, filming etc. Several people were both helping out and competing, and I was also judging for the first time.

On the women's side, Maria Hovden gave me some good competition after the static discipline. I had to pull off a decent dyn in order to beat her.In the end I managed to find the rythm in the water after judging and being a little stressed out. My end results: STA - 4:03 and DYN - 142m.

More info and results, check out the AIDA Norway blog.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Monofin course in Oslo, 19th October

I will be giving a monofin course in Oslo, 19th October, together with DNF world champion Bjarte Nygard. The course will take place in and outside the pool at Norges Idrettshøyskole, where Oslo Freediving Club has their training hours.

The course is open for both beginners and experienced, as the level will be adapted to the participants. A monofin is not obligatory, small rubber fins or bifins will work fine. The main goal is to learn or improve the basic movement of the body which is the basis of good technique.

Preliminary schedual:
18:30 - (In lecture room) Introduction to monofin technique, videos of different styles and basic movement principles. Discussion about different monofin models and how to make a training program.
20:00 - Streching exercises for monofin swimming
20:30 - In water practise of the movement with small rubberfins or monofin with video corrections

The total duration of the course is ~3 hours and the cost is 300 NOK per person.

To sign up or get more information, please email or leave a comment :)

Sunday, 4 October 2009


People often have problems getting their head around the performances of us freedivers. They believe it's humanly impossible to hold your breath for much more than a min or two or dive deeper than the bottom of the swimming pool.

I on the other hand, had big troubles accepting the huge performances of the top runners at the 36th Berlin Marathon, 20th september. These incredible athletes are (in my own view) sprinting for 42km, taking a little more than 2 hours! Equally incredible are all the "normal" people, who look just like me and you, exept for the fact that they can endure running continously for 4-5 hours...

My weekend in Berlin left me with some new inspiration and a longing to start running as well. Anybody wanna trade me a good pair of running legs? Preferably from Ethiopia.