Monday, 12 November 2007

Long Night of Apnea, Berlin 10. nov.

I'm very glad I have some good friends to chat with and to help me out, because right now I'm having a down period with my freediving. Lot's of feelings and thoughts running through my head, but I'll take the time to sort them out.

I failed in both static and dynamic this competition, and simply did the 16*50m to try have some fun. (And it was, even though Yamina really kicked my ass! Next year, I'll be training 5 days a week for this one and see if I'm still swimming like a turtle...)

After two competitions without being able to achieve, I feel dissapointed and low on confidence. I feel I can't even swim 75m or fight any contractions at all. And I don't feel the competitive edge that drove me to swim furter... Maybe it's been a long season, maybe I'm putting the bar too high, maybe I feel too much anticipation.

I don't know yet, but I do know I will be back and I will kick ass again.

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