Tuesday, 15 July 2008

12 weeks training project

For some time I've wanted to have 2-3 months of good and structured training towards a goal, and now I have found some time and inspiration to do exactly that.

The goal I want to reach is to do a new pb in DYN at the Europe Evolution Cup in Italy, 4.-5. October. Of course I have some numbers in mind that I would like to reach, but I leave that for a little later.

I have marked off 12 weeks to get into shape and prepare my body both physically and mentally. I got started last Monday and the first week looked like this:

Monday - rock climbing (60 min)
Tuesday - swimming (1400m )
Wednesday - running (30 min ) and static (CO2 table)
Thursday - rock climbing ( 30 min ) and swimming (1000m)
Friday - static (CO2 table)
Saturday - running (30 min) and strenght training
Sunday - static (only half a training as the pool closed...)

I've also been doing body and lung stretching every morning, which I feel I'm in great need of.

The first 4 weeks I will be focusing more on general fitness than on long dives, then I will gradually change my training more towards spesific apnea training.

I will keep posting about the training and the result, and some pictures and videos will also come soon.