Saturday, 28 July 2007

Just made my day...

I just found out I've got into university!!! So now it's for certain, on 1.august I'm moving to Aarhus, Denmark, to study molekular medicin and train freediving. Really, I can't wait:)
Oh, by the way. there can't be a university logo better fitted for a freediver than this one?

Friday, 27 July 2007

Stair apnea?

Today's freediving training and preparation for Nordic Deep was a 530 step walk all the way from ground level to the golden gallery of St. Paul's Cathedral. And what a great view! Though I must admit I much prefere depth for hights, and my stumack was not too excited...

We also went to see Tower of London, Tower bridge etc. and tomorrow we'll probably check out some more museums. I'm pretty sure all this walking around is gonna give me legs of steel, so Natalia should better watch out soon. 200m, here I come!

Thursday, 26 July 2007

A new way of traveling

On my way to the airport, I get the feeling of something missing. Check for my passport, it's there. And my wallet too. Even my sun glasses. My beloved speedo bag/suitcase is packed with clothes, good walking shoes and the bikini just in case. Hmmm.... MY MONOFIN!!!

When my parents asked if I wanted to join then for a week in London on their expence, it wasn't a too hard question. The only thing that worried me was going somewhere without my monofin and without some plans that inclueded freediving. Afterall, I hadn't done this kind of "normal vacation" since may 2006...

These first two days have been okey. London is really packed with people, really really packed. The tube is hot, the weather is wet, the shops are expencive. But hey! It's a new place and new things to see. That makes up for alot of things. Still miss deep water though:)

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

World championship dynamic A finals, 174m!

Swimming next to Natalia Avseenko, Natalia Molchanova, Eva Johnsen and all the other girls I felt both strong and very small. But hey, it worked out fine! 174m and a silver medal... (the first one in norwegian freediving history)

Training monofin technic

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Freediving in Pula, Croatia

Holiday or training? Both please!

My coach and boyfriend Martin and I travelled to Zagreb and then Pula one week before the world championship in Maribor to do some freediving. The water in this area is not much deeper than 40 meters, but that’s plenty for some fun diving, which was the main objective.

The ocean was warm, blue and beautiful. Even if there was not too many big fish, there were plenty of tunnels, caves and wrecks to explore. From our hotel apartment at the Horizon, we walked 50m to get to the swimming pool. From the swimming pool, we could walk straight down to the ocean and go diving, which we did a couple of times (at night actually!). What more can you ask for?

The place was just perfect for what we wanted: yoga, stretching and static in the mornings, breakfast on the veranda, a walk in the city or a boat trip to the wrecks. Then a nice dinner at the restaurant with fresh fish from the sea. I think we’re going back!

In Pula we were diving with Oscar, Marco and the other guys at Orca Divecenter . After giving our monofins a few weird looks, they helped us out with weights and took us along for some wreck diving. We can highly recommend these nice people. They even came along to try a little freediving, not bad!