Tuesday, 28 July 2009

New PB: 125m DNF!

I had a great day today, finally touching the other side of the pool at the 125m mark. And I even did it without my lovely monofin. Yes, my leg kick is kind of funny... But it seems to do the job ;)

Arms and legs were pretty lactic afterwards, but that's okey. It was a truely great dive and I'll try to keep this feeling for the next weeks.

I wanna send a big thanks to both Anna and Martin for the company and help with the training, it's been great! Aarhus here we come...

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Eat, sleep, train

I'm spending most of July in Berlin with Martin, enjoying the city and the summer. Thanks to lucky circumstances (Anna getting sponsored by the gym Elexia and needing a buddy), I get to train alot as well.

Martin does the job as a bossy coach very well, ordering Anna and me around, making us do numerous laps underwater and even train static. The focus has been on technique (especially in DNF), sub-max dives and leg strength. And it has been paying off. I did another 150m DYN in training which felt a lot easier than before.

This weeks schedual looked like this:
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Swimming, some DYN and DNF medium long dives and technique
Wednesday - STA and DNF technique
Thursday - Rest
Friday - little bike trip with some running
Saturday- DYN: 2x50m, 75m, 2x100m, 85m, 50m
Sunday - STA: two warm-ups and then 5'12, and spinning class later today

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Video: 150m DYN

I had a nice training session last sunday, and I even got footage of it!

It was a very good dive which showed me that my training is well on schedual so far and that I'm doing something right when it comes to the preparation and mentally coping with doing longer dives. I was struggeling after 50m and really wanted to come up, but once I got to 100m, I remembered that I did wanna get to the other side of the pool...

The legs were working quite good as well, so the training in the gym lately must be paying off :)