Saturday, 20 March 2010

1st place at Polish Freediving Championship, 20th March

In static I had a very relaxed dive, floating around all the way to 5 min. Then coach Rune helped me push up to a final time of 5'31. I came up completely clean and got a white card, which was a great start of the day. Motivation was on top, and I enjoyed hanging out at the pool and watching the other performances (and sleeping a bit).

The pool was 25m long, which is not ideal for dynamic, but similar to my training conditions in Gellerup. The first lane I was so relaxed I almost forgot the turn and nearly bumped my head, but just got it. After 100m I could feel my legs and the fact that I hadn't had so much to eat since breakfast, but I kept swiming. I came up at 151m, with heavy legs and a big smile. I secured the 1st place in the competition and already looking forward for DNF tomorrow.

We finished off the day with dinner and a fully packed prize seremony. I won a Mares Nemo Excel Dive Computer, a Sporasub bag and a Panda Anit-virus program. Olga Martinez Alvarez took second place for the women and Veronika Szalontayova third. For the men, it Robert Cetler won (with a 8'42 in STA!), Rune Hallum Sørensen took second place and Sergio Martinez Alvarez third place.

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  1. congrats, Boo. Remember, 122+ in DNF and you beat my competition best...