Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Catching my first fish!

On Sunday I went out to Djursland with Mark from Aarhus Freediving Club to do some spearfishing. I have only tried it once before in the Oslo Fjord where I hardly saw any fish or got to try to shoot any. But this time I had more luck.

Mark was kind enough to borrow me a gun and teach me some tricks. This is a part of freediving where I'm a complete newbie, and I felt a little funny working hard to stay down in 3m depth and wait for any fish to come along. I had too little weight and not the right equipment for that (my beloved monofin is better for CWT...).

I had more luck switching to the more active form of spearfishing, searching the sandy bottom for the flatfish hiding in the sand. There I shot a beautiful "rødspette", or European plaice, as it is called in english. Short after I shot another flatfish of a different species and my day was a success!

The fresh fish made a wonderfull dinner, together with some vegetables in the oven and pasta. It's strange how hungry you get after spending a whole day out by the sea and diving...

Thursday, 18 June 2009

First pool PB in a good while

Today I did a very nice 115m DNF, even using some extra energy because of too little weight (I think I need a 3kg neckweight instead of the 2,5kg...). It felt strong and there's several things I can improve on longer dives like this one, the style, the turns or the number of strokes.

The most important thing is that my new warm up rutine is succeding in preparing both my body and my mind that THIS is the dive and there's no quiting early. Of course, it still feels hard and I have the little voice in my head telling me to come up, but it's easier to keep focusing on the dive and finish it now. So today was a great success and made me very happy!

Fingers crossed I'll be able to keep progressing the next two months...

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

What's up?

It's been a little less freediving lately (exepct for normal training up to the WC) and more reading. June is exam month, which means that poor students like myself are locked up inside with thousands of pages to read while the sun is shining outside...

Well, it't not really that bad and I've already halfway through, but I'm pretty jealous of the guys who's going off to Crete to freedive next week. I would give ALOT for some blue water right now.

Anyways, I'm still training and have had some good progress with a new warm up rutine (thanks Anna!). The main goal is to get my head around doing max dives, while I'm doing some strength training to prepare my body for those long dives. I hope to get some pictures up from the gym soon, to show you some of the exercises I'm doing.

I'm starting to really look forward to the world championship here in Århus this summer. We'll even be a total of 7 (!) Norwegian freedivers competing. That's a new record!