Monday, 22 February 2010

1st place at Berlin Masters Cup, 20th Feb.

My first competition of this year, the Berlin Masters Cup, was a great experience and lot's of fun. I hadn't had the normal amount of training, as I've been busy with my studies lately, so it was exciting to see what I could do. With great help from Anna von Boetticher, I got two good trainings before the competition and the strangest thing happened: I was enjoying static!

I did a very comfortable and strong 5'14 in STA at the competition (video coming soon), and was walking around smiling the rest of the day. The dynamic was just gonna be a nice swim to secure my place for the overall ranking, and I came up after 136m. Afterwards I was a little unhappy that I didn't do more, so I'm very eager for another competition now. Finally some good motivation again!

It was the 12th time Berlin Masters Cup was happening, and it was one of my first great competitions back in 2007. This year it was dominated by alot of germans, as well as some great polish diver and the usual danish dynamic guys. The competition was the Indoor German Championship as well, and the new champions are Sergio Martinez Alvarez and Barbara Jeschke.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Monofin course in Berlin, 19th Feburary

I will be giving a monofin course in Berlin, the day before the 12th Berlin Master competition. The course will be in english, but with german translations when necessary.

The course is open for beginners and more experienced freedivers, as the level will be adapted to the participants. You don't have to have your own monofin either, but a pair of rubber training fins or similar would be good.

The course will focus on teaching you the basic, most important movement principles for monofinning and also give you some good tips to develop further. There will be follow up courses after about 3 months to take you to the next step, if you like.

Preliminary schedual:
17:00 - Dry session: Introduction to monofin technique, videos of common mistakes, different styles and monofins.
17:45 - On land: Stretching and strength exercises spesific for monofin technique
18:00 - In water: Practicing movement without fins, with small fins and at last with the monofin. Video before and after, to give the students useful feedback. In water exercises for training programs.
20:00 - Out of the water, final feedback with watching the video from the pool session.

The total duration of the course is ~4 hours and the price is 35 euro. You will need to bring swim gear, fins (small fins + monofin when possible) and comfortable wear for the dry exercises.

To sign up, please send an email to: