Friday, 9 July 2010

Ear infections, hopes and expectations

Since travelling to Okinawa, I had a small ear infection in my right ear. It hadn't given me any problems during the training, but after sitting around waiting for the CWT competition to happen, it decided to get worse to the point where it completely blocked me from leaving the surface. I kept trying to make it come around with ear drops etc, but I was unable to start in the competition. This left me in a sad state for the rest of the championships, as I had really wanted to do my 60m dive.

Static training (where I did 6'08!) had left me with slightly too big expectations, and I came up too early at 4'49 in yesterday's static competition. The guys did great though, with Bjarte setting a new national record for Norway with 6'31. Well done!

Today I played around in the nice 50m outside pool, testing some new monofins and getting my body going. I feel more positive again and hope to come up with a smile from my dynamic dive tomorrow. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...


  1. træls med dit CWT and static dive! men nu krydser vi fingre for dit dyn ;) alt held og lykke!


  2. Nice diving, shame about the ear and sea sick.

    Maybe silly question,
    what lead you to come up early in static?
    ear problem from pressure

    Hope the after party was awesome , but not to bad that free diving will be banned there.
    Heard after parties can get silly

    Dave K

  3. The parties can get wild and crasy, it's sort of a tradition I think! LOL