Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Training is on track

Hit 55m in CWT today, feeling good and strong still. I got to take a look at the beautifull arch before I turned around and swam back up to the surface. I also gave CNF another try, going for 35m. But I had a couple of problems with my noseclip, the bottom plate etc, and left it for another day.

We're all having a good time here in Dahab, and it's getting more and more crowded in the Blue Hole. I'm still pretty healthy (which is good by Egypt standard) and keep rinsing my ears and drinking water with salts. And if our neighboors are not too loud, I also sleep well at nights ;-)

The Bizzy Blue Hole 2009 competition started officially yesterday with a head-to-head static competition. I competed against Agnes in the first round, and went off to meet Klara in the semi finals. I beat her too, just after about 4 minutes, and got to the finals with Flavia and Hanli. But I must confess that it's not much fun doing three static attempts in a row with minimal preparation time between, and on the last dive, I came up early. Flavia won, Hanli second and I third. We all had a fun time!

The water is lovely, also in the bay, where Klara, Jens and I was swimming around a little. Maybe I'll just stay here.. forever!


  1. No, you are not! You going to finish your dives and then you are comming right back home!

  2. Hey Elisabeth! Great reading your blog and I am raging with jealousy that you guys are out in Dahab having fun and diving while on the other side of the world at work!

    Keep up the great dives and enjoy, best of luck for the comp!

    Ben xx

  3. Hi, Elisabeth! I wish I was in Egypt with you, but could not make it this time. I'll be with you in spirit, and hope you all get the most out of it. And a hammerhead in the BH. Lucky you! I hope you can update us with some info on results on the other Norwegians as well (Bjarne and Steinar are also there, aren't they?) Just keep it coming :-)

  4. Hi, nice to be at least informed since I can't be there :-).